The 2-CD set of the reissue and update of  the "Apalachicola Doin' Time" documentary accompanied by a music companion CD is now available. The program produced by WUFT-FM / WJUF-FM outlines the story about the Tri-State Water War involving Florida and Georgia and Alabama and the impact the outcome could have on Florida's largest and most important river, the Apalachicola.  The future of Florida's delicate seafood industry hangs in the balance.  The Companion CD features original songs from some of the best acoustic musicians and songwriters around today who are helping to "Save Florida Through Music."  To hear samples of the music CD, Click below::

CD 2  The Music  

  Track 1- Apalachicola Doin' Time- Dale Crider

Track 2- Wisdom of the River- Mark Smith (email)

Track 3- Old Florida River- Ken Skeens

Track 4- Circles- Harvey Reid

Track 5- Margaret- Mike Jurgensen

Track 6- The River- Steve Gillette

Track 7- Changes In The Wind- Jeanie Fitchen

Track 8- Music Drifts Along This River- Mike Jurgensen

Track 9- Apalachicola Doin' Time (slower version) Dale Crider

Track 10- Live Apalachicola Doin' Time Music Highlights Presentation at Willfest 2001

"Apalachicola Doin' Time" documentary accompanied by a music companion CD was produced by WUFT-FM / WJUF-FM
It will be available at the Will McLean festival.

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