What other's have said about Will........

"the man who loved Florida the most..." John Carter. DAYTONA BEACH NEWS JOURNAL

"....the greatest writer of folk songs that Florida has ever produced."- Peter B. Gallagher. THE SEMINOLE TRIBUNE

"His songs will be sung as long as there is a Florida." - PETE SEEGER

"The Johnny Cash Show", which aired on the ABC network from 1969-1971. The Johnny Cash's TV show on which Pete Seeger talks about his friend from Florida, Will McLean and then does "Osceola."

"I would really like every Floridian to listen to his music. It would tell them important things about Florida that they're never going to learn in the newspaper or on television." George Firestone, Florida Secretary of State, 1987

'Will McLean, Florida's premier folk singer and folklorist..." - Romaine Rosharsky, ST.PETE TIMES

"You cast a song or story like you cast a spell, and an artist is able to cast an aura of enchantment around it. Will had that quality." GAMBLE ROGERS

"....an awful lot of songwriters came under his influence." -

"He was the state's foremost folk artist - a songwriter, singer, musician, storyteller and poet... " - Shari Spires, PALM BEACHPOST