The Will McLean Foundation
The Will McLean Foundation was established shortly before Will's death in January 1990. Incorporated by the State of Florida as a not-for-profit organization, its goals are to
  • promote, in the State of Florida and elsewhere, the works of Wlll McLean and the works of other Florida artists
  • Provide for research, education, performance and training to promote understanding and appreciation of the works of Florida's artists
  • provide facilities, programs and educational materials to promote involvement by nonprofessional and professional communities alike, in the artistic and educational fields
  • provide loans, scholarships and grants to students, organizations and/ or specific individuals in the community for the promulgation of artistic productions in specified area.
A valued Executive Committee of volunteers gives hundreds of hours each year to fulfill the goals of the Foundation. The Board of Directors and the Executive Committee consist of all volunteers who labor tirelessly to fulfill McLean's dream of passing on the history of Florida to the next generation.