The Will McLean Foundation dedicates itself to promoting Florida artists who make music in the tradition of Will McLean. THESE DIAMONDS is the first release in the Foundation series featuring Florida artists. We are deeply grateful to the authors of these musical gems for permission to use them. It is our hope they reach thousands, moving them to love Florida more deeply and work to preserve the gifts with which Nature has blessed her. 
In the metaphor of Grant Livingston's song, "These Diamonds," mangrove islands are sparkling jewels. So, too, in this CD, the composers, their songs, and the natural treasures they depict are precious gems. Each year in March the Will McLean Festival features these twelve artists and other gifted acoustic musicians for a weekend of of music celebrating our unique Florida heritage and habitat. 


You will find here the lyrics of the songs, some specific information about each song and its composer.


clearW1. "The Eagles Fly," Mindy Simmons

clearW2. "Lullaby of the Rivers," Bob Patterson

clearW3. "Rose and the Gold," Mem Semmes

clearW4. "Cracker Cowman," Frank Thomas

clearW5. "Florida Pines," Paul Garfinkel

clearW6. "Paw Prints in the Sand," Ken Skeens

clearW7. "These Diamonds," Grant Livingston

clearW8. "Sea of Turtle Tears," Amy Carol Webb

clearW9. "Rand McNally Map of Florida," Jim Bickerstaff

clearW10. "Plumes," Steve Blackwell

clearW11. "Apalachicola Doin' Time," Dale Crider

clearW12. "Song for Our Children," Mary Ann DiNella

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