Young Performers Showcase

Fiona Maura-Lynn Chalmers
Red Wolf Strings featuring James Huston
Promenade Action
N.P.R. - The Jones Boys
James Huston
Landon Gay
The Krieger Family Band
Brother Brother
Madi Carr
Remedy Tree
Promenade Action
James Huston

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Fiona Maura-Lynn Chalmers

Promenade Action is the brother/sister singer/songwriter duo, Evan and Adison Julian. They have been performing since they were very young. Today they are a decidedly upbeat, uplifting duo of catchy Contemporary Folk. They have been performing across Florida and toured the mid-west last year to promote their self-titled CD.  They have been on television, radio, stage, and invited to preform in the Tampa Riverwalk TEDx simulcast worldwide. They have taught workshops to young performers and are working hard to promote Folk music to the youth of Florida. 

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Promenade Action 

In the Spring of 2015,  Gabriel Acevedo put together Remedy Tree: an Indie-Folk Americana group with Gabriel’s lovely wife Abigail on bass/vocals, Xander Lynn (Principle Cellist of the St Augustine Orchestra) on cello, and Nathan Sutton on Percussion. Remedy Tree has backgrounds in Bluegrass, Country, Folk, and Classical.  Gabriel has been writing songs since he was 11 yrs old. He has been performing in various bands around the state of Florida since 2009. 

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Remedy Tree

The Krieger Family Band, from West Palm Beach, FL,  plays a diversity of instruments and sings with a distinctive harmony. They have been playing for about five years, incorporating gospel, bluegrass, Celtic, old time and other types of music. The band has performed at Barberville music festivals, Will McLean festivals, the Florida Old Time Music Championship, the South Florida Fair, and is scheduled to perform at this coming Florida Folk Festival.

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The Krieger Family Band

Alex Bonyata and Bella Beyer are AB+, a folk pop duo based in St. Petersburg, Florida. They started performing and songwriting together while attending the Grammy Museum’s Music Revolution Project during the summer of 2015.  Bella’s distinctive vocals pair beautifully with Alex’s instrumental styling While Alex’s main instrument is guitar, he enjoys playing “any instrument you don’t blow or bow,". 
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James started playing fiddle at age 10 while in 5th grade. Now an 8th grader, James is in his third year of Dunnellon Middle School Marching Band on percussion, his third  year of piano, third year of chorus and  for a little diversity, plays Native American flute.

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James A. Huston 


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 Application for Young Musicians

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Medals for the Battle of the Bands the Young Performer will participate in at the year's Willfest.

Young  Musician's Showcase - Will Mclean Festival

Laura Jo Julian
6438 Polk Street
New Port Richey, FL 34653

 Young Musician's Showcase

This year at the Will McLean Music Festival there will be a talented group of young performers from all over Florida, ranging in age from 11 to 21 years old, who will be performing on various stages and providing instruction at music workshops.  In addition, on Saturday evening there will be an open mic type session (unplugged) and jam at Teen Turf where younger festival goers will have an opportunity to perform and share their songs with others.

Will McLean and his songs have been an important part of Florida’s cultural heritage and celebrate historic events, the beauty of our land and nature, stories about people and places, and the world we live in. To continue these traditions, young people are encouraged to become a part of Florida’s folk music community, and at Willfest they will have an opportunity to meet with other young performers, singers and musicians with similar interests who will be attending this festival.

If you know of young people or have kids of your own who may be interested in folk music and seeing live music performances by others their own age please let them know about the festival. Everyone is encouraged to bring their instruments and participate in the workshops and other music activities during the event. We’ll also have some extra instruments available if they want try something new, such as a banjo or a mandolin, at the workshops.


While many schools have excellent music programs they often do not include folk music in their curriculum. The Willfest workshops will introduce the songs and instruments used in folk music and help young singers and musicians who are already in music programs to improve their skills.

youngperformersJames Huston


This year's festival has an incredible line up of both young performers and accomplished musicians leading workshops. The workshops are open to all ages and anyone with an interest in one, or more, of the workshop topics is strongly encouraged to attend. 

Many of our workshop leaders have years of experience and are pursuing full time careers in music. They will provide new insights and creativity at all levels, and they will definitely provide a positive and fun workshop experience – don’t miss out on this opportunity.




 See Young Performer's Showcase

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